Literacy: English Language Arts Instruction


 Balanced Literacy is the main instructional English Language Arts program used at Grass Valley. Our Balanced Literacy Program is based on the work of Lucy Calkins, who advocates a many layered approach to teaching reading and writing that is research based.


A Balanced literacy program strikes a balance between both whole language and phonics. The strongest elements of each are incorporated into a literacy program that aims to guide students toward proficient and lifelong reading. There are several different components of balanced literacy: The read aloud, guided reading, shared reading, independent reading, word study, interactive and shared writing and independent writing. 


In Balanced Literacy, students read leveled text, meaning they are reading just right books that they can comprehend. Students get to self select titles of interest so that they always have highly engaging reading materials. Students are regularly assessed using the Fountas & Pinnell system for gradient leveled text A-Z to make sure they are reading just right books.

  • For a more in depth view of each component of the program click the link.